Thank you for considering me!

On this page you’ll find my preferences, a guide for what books I’ll accept, what I offer to authors, and an easy way to contact me.

I’d recommend checking out my BookSirens profile for more detail on the type of reader I am. If you scroll down it gives you what types of books I like, what I tend to rate highly, what my average rating is, etc.

I’m also a reviewer on Reedsy Discovery, which caters to indie novels. You can always send me books to review through that platform if you prefer.

I also would like to state that I’m a full-time student, part-time editor, part-time photographer. If you hand me your novel a week before it comes out, I’m probably not going to be able to finish it in time.

Two weeks is the average amount of time it takes me to read a typical fantasy novel, and at most it takes me about a month. This time fluctuates depending on my current workload.

If you’re an indie author consider filling out this form. I use it to find indie and self-published books. I keep the books cataloged and them include them in recommended lists. So even if you don’t want me to review the books, I’ll know about them and let other interested people know.

What I accept

— ARCs and previously published novels. Doesn’t matter to me how old the book is.

Genres: Fantasy preferred (YA or adult), but I read broadly. Fiction of any kind is okay.

Publishers: traditionally published, indie, or self-published books are all accepted. I will not accept any books from Simon & Schuster or Simon & Schuster imprints.

Format: Ebook only right now. I use PocketBook to read, so if your book will work with that then I’m good. E-pubs usually read well.

Length: Novels, short stories, novellas, and anthologies accepted. My typically fantasy novel is 500+ pages, so don’t feel as if your book is too long for me.

What I Like: Found family, LGBTQ+ characters, and intricate world building that isn’t too wordy.

What I don’t like: Sister stories, mates\fae, toxic relationships justified, unnecessary girl hate, and poetic\flowery writing (sometimes I like it, but it’s really hit or miss . . . usually miss).

Note: Just because I’ve listed as my dislikes doesn’t mean I automatically turn a book down because of them. There’s always exceptions! These are rough guidelines.

What the author gets

When I get sent a book for review I try to finish it within one to two months after I get it (unless there is another specified time by the author or publisher).

Socials. I post my reviews on Goodreads, Storygraph, and Discovery. Sometimes I blurb them on Readerly as well. If I have enough to say I’ll post a review on my blog, and if I write a blog post I’ll promote it on twitter. I rarely put reviews on Instagram but if I liked your book I’ll post a picture.

Blog post. I don’t always write reviews, but when I do they’re at least three paragraphs long, include links to buy, and a star rating. Please note that I don’t link to Amazon unless it’s the only buying option. I prefer a company that supports local businesses like

Potential Interview + giveaway. I sometimes ask the author to do an interview after I’ve reviewed a book, and I usually add a giveaway. However, if you send me a book I would recommend either not expecting an interview or asking for one outright when you contact me. Basically don’t rely on chance because I’m a busy introverted student who might not be able to do it on a whim.


I always rate my books honestly. And sometimes that means that I don’t like your book. 3 stars is my most common rating (and not a bad one by any means). I sometimes slip to 2 stars. I’m a tough reader to please.

If I deem the author in bad faith, I won’t continue reading your book. I.E. If I see you being explicitly racist, homophobic, sexist, etc. I will be dnf-ing your novel.

I’m not signing anything. On very rare occasions I get an author who wants me to sign something pertaining to the book. Either to read it in a certain amount of time, or more of an NDA, or something along those lines. As a general policy, I don’t sign anything.


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