I’m Eleanore.

(she-her, they-them)

I’m a queer reader and reviewer who favors fantasy novels with golden heroes and interesting world building. I’m more of a critical reader (side effect of being an editor in my spare time) but I try not to rant too much. I’m a feminist, and I don’t put up with bullshit in my books. When I’m not reading I’m either writing short stories and novels or in my garden.

“Official” bio: Eleanore Finch is a young adult from Illinois with a passion for history, photography, and writing. She has a special place in her heart for golden heroes and LGBTQ+ fiction. They’re currently applying to colleges with a hope of getting a degree in Ancient Studies and Anthropology. She specializes in short stories and fantasy novels. When not writing they can be found battling with dandelions in their garden.

My favorites

Percy Jackson & the OlympiansHeroes of OlympusThe Remnant Chronicles Dance of Thieves The Fire Song Chronicles • Fullmetal Alchemist • Avatar: The Last Airbender • Anne With An E • Hamlet Anything Lucy Tempest or C.J. Redwine