Sorted loosely by genre and title.


Amy of the Necromancers

Tags: mystery, f\f romance, death powers

The Broken Heart of Arelium | War of the Twelve no. 1

Tags: political, magic, epic and grimdark

Girl, Serpent, Thorn

Tags: Persian fantasy, fairytale, wlw, bisexual mc

In the Wake of Gods | Godless Trilogy no. 1

Tags: political fantasy, adult,

A Melody in the Deep

Tags: f\f romance, fantasy, pirates, mermaids, hidden treasure quest

Queen of All by Anya Leigh Josephs

Queen of All | The Jena Cycle no. 1

Tags: plus-sized MC, lesbian MC, mystery, high fantasy

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The Reclaimed Kingdom | Syphon no. 1

Tags: Robin Hood-esque, royalty


The Year Shakespeare Ruined my Life

Tags: YA, wlw romance, LGBTQ

Clap When You Land

Tags: YA, wlw romance, LGBTQ, found family (literally), verse

Historical Fiction

Blood Countess

by Lana Popović

A historical young adult novel about Elizabeth Báthory, set in 16th century Hungary and featuring a f\f romance.

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